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Practical eCommerce Affiliate Program

An affiliate is a person or company that sends visitors to a website, and then earns commissions when those visitors purchase products or services from that website. invented affiliate marketing in the 1990s, and it has since grown to become a dependable source of revenue for affiliates, as well as a tried-and-true marketing vehicle for merchants.

Why Practical eCommerce's Courses?

Practical eCommerce offers a compelling affiliate program for its online courses.

  • We pay a straight 20 percent commission.
  • The referral links i.e. cookie sessions are active for 120 days.
  • There are no limitations on the number of sales per affiliate or per visitor.

For example, assume a visitor comes to after having clicked on an affiliate's link. If that visitor purchases a $149 course within 120 days of his or her first visit, the affiliate earns $29.80 ($149 x 20%). Should that visitor then return to, and purchase two more courses for $149 each during the initial 120-day session, the affiliate will earn an additional $59.60 ($149 x 2 x 20%).

Our Goal Is to Educate Merchants

We are an independent publishing company. We offer no products, software or services to ecommerce merchants other than our articles, webinars and, now, our courses. If your business sells products and services to ecommerce merchants, our courses can help them prosper and, we hope, continue as your customer without competing against your company.

If you are a publisher whose readers include ecommerce merchants, we want to partner with you. Our courses can provide an additional source of revenue for your company.

Payment Terms

We pay by physical check to the address you've provided in your application every calendar month or until you earn $50 in commissions, whichever comes later. You can log in anytime to your affiliate account with us to monitor your sales. LInks to that account we provide when we've approved your application. If you live outside the U.S. we will pay by PayPal; affiliates outside the U.S. will need a PayPal account to participate in our program. View full terms and conditions.

Logos and Artwork

Once you become an affiliate, you can download (a) versions of our logo, and (b) graphic icons related to the courses. You don't have to use these images, but you can if you choose.

Getting Started

To become an affiliate, please first complete an application. Upon approval by us, you will receive your unique affiliate tracking code that you'll paste in your website or email. We will have established your account and you can begin earning commissions.



For questions, please call email us at You can also call us, at 970-257-0606. We're located in the Mountain Time Zone in the U.S.